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February 13, 2020
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March 12, 2020

How to Overcome Trading Anxiety and Fear

Most probably, all traders have faced with fear and anxiety when they are about to open an order. Even if when you are sure that you’ve done proper research and you see yourself as an utterly ready person to make a trade, you may feel afraid when it comes to action, and you move the cursor over the buy or sell button. Some traders spend minutes, if not hours, on this issue. Sometimes you do not feel anxious when opening the order, but the anxiety may rise when you want to leave the market or even later when the order is already expired. In the following article, you will find some solutions to cope with negative emotions and start trading calmly and professionally.

Fearing Causes

The first step to getting rid of or at least, minimize the trading anxiety is to understand the nature of fear because, like any other problem you face in life, it is much easier to find a way out when the problem source is bright. When you find out the problem causes, you will automatically understand how to resolve it. 

The most important thing to understand is that there is nothing wrong with being scared. Fear and anxiety are some natural responses to the unknown and mysterious things. Naturally, we are likely to fall deep in despair and negative emotions when we do not know what will happen next. The fear’s purpose is to keep you safe. Loss of money is a danger that anybody wants to avoid, and not surprisingly, the brain wants to keep you out of this danger. So not as an exception, you are afraid of trading. 

How to Overcome Your Anxiety?

Hiding behind your emotions is not advised. Suppressing your fear not only does not solve any problem but also it could lead to even higher levels of stress and insecurity. Two main things can help you to deal with trading anxiety, 1) progressive experience, 2) your trading abilities, and skills.

Progressive Experience

Once you get used to something, it becomes much easier for you. In the beginning, you are most likely to fail or perform poorly when you are trying to do something new. The more you practice, the more experience you gain. The same applies to trade too. The longer you trade regularly and thoughtfully, the more professional manner you perform. You will automatically feel more confident after trading for one or two months. No special action is needed because, after practicing, you will feel calm and secure naturally. 

Trading Abilities and Skills

The financial market is a high-risk market, and entering it without the required skills can cause you to lose all or part of your investment. Technical and fundamental analysis skills, common strategies to predict the market, and the essential knowledge are the critical points that can help you to trade more confidently and extract much more money out of the market. These skills enhance your ability to trade because when you know what you exactly are doing, you have a better performance for sure. You will feel less anxious when you know when, why, and how to buy or sell an asset. 

It is noticeable that there are many brokers which perform real-time simulated demo accounts for free. Demo accounts are a handy area to test your trading skills and strategies, and to gain extra experience. 


Although it is OK to feel anxious when your money is involved, using a well-developed trading strategy, indicators, and risk management can help you to develop your confidence instead of fighting against your anxiety. 

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