How to benefit at the time of pandemic?

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May 15, 2020

How to benefit at the time of pandemic?

How to benefit at the time of pandemic?

None of us can deny the inevitable impacts of the Coronavirus on the world. Which means, this tiny virus has almost plunged the world into crisis. This hold true for the trading market as well. Surprisingly, the experts from Grand Capital believe that this is exactly the right time for trading. Along these lines we’ll find out the reasons.

Unlike other people, investors seek profit and are willing to start selling during global panics at any time. For that they believe in the fact that after every downfall there’s always a stronger rebound. This is simply why John D. Rockefeller said: “the way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets”.

How the virus impacts the market

The stock market has been under high pressure since the panic started. Similarly, oil prices have decreased notably, global indices have fallen, and finally risk appetite is gradually decreasing in worth. In such a case, investors tend to buy or keep reserve assets such as Swiss franc, gold, or American dollar. The advantage of keeping gold as a reserve asset is that according to the statics gold has always risen after sharp drops.

However, the new virus has dramatically affected the prices of the shares of many top brands negatively. For instance, in the US. Dow Jones and S&P 500 plunged to the lows of 1987 or the British stock market decreased 10%. Anyhow, as previously mentioned, the time that most of the exchange prices have fallen is the exact time that daring investors can start a foundation of their future accomplishments.

Boeing (BA)

At the moment, the biggest aircraft manufacturer’s stock is assessed at less than $150 per share. Surprisingly, even a recovery growth to $400 per share will make 265% profit in several years.

Apple (APPL)

No introduction is required for this company. Since this amazing company has survived many crises in the past, it clearly has an excellent stability. A rebound growth can result in 41% of profit per share just with the stock price of $230! What’s more, the company is mostly famous for its accelerated recoveries.

Successful investments

Currently, the stock market has the most exciting situation. As it is confirmed by experience, the cheap stocks are undoubtedly going to start growing after the next reports.

Strangely enough, the reports indicate a huge growth in Grand Capital’s activity in the first half on March 2020. Moreover, clients of Grand Capital have withdrawn more money in the first two weeks of March in comparison to the average.

However, the currency pairs AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and gold are in the top list of approved trading instruments as usual.

In summary, the final choice is up to investors. They are the ones who decide if they want to be careful investors or the are willing to take risks and make a difference.     

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