Common Mistakes in BinaryOtions Trading

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February 12, 2020
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February 13, 2020

Common Mistakes in BinaryOtions Trading

BinaryOptions trading is a high-risk market. In the following article, you can learn about some common mistakes made mostly by the beginners and the ways to avoid them. Check this out:

Risking all your investment and assets

As the risk of trading in the BinaryOptions market is high, you should not risk what you cannot effort to lose. All traders, even the professionals, lose money from time to time. But it depends

on you whether to trade by knowledge or by luck. Being positive is too different from being unrealistic. When you consider your losses as an essential part of the trading practice, you may keep losing and invest more and more. When you believe in luck and anticipate your possible

profit, you may put all your assets to trade. To avoid this issue, try to start trading with knowledge and test with a small number of funds. 

Trade all in one

Avoid trading all your available finds in one single order. Every time you put all your investments in one order, you are more likely to lose all of it. Sooner or later, you will lose a trade, and it does not matter how many wins you had before. If you trade all your money in one

massive deal and lose it, you will have to start from the very beginning.

Trade on the wrong time frame

We cannot say which time frame is better. Based on your trading strategies and skills, you have to choose a time frame to trade. If the short time frame adapts your trading strategy, you should choose time frames before one hour. And if you are suited with long time frames, you can select time frames like one week or one month to trade. It is also noticeable that most of the trading specialists recommend long time frames because the financial events such as Inflation, GDP growth rate, and essential political announcements show their effect on the market in duration. 

Lack of a solid plan to trade

Some traders trust their feelings and emotions as guidance, but it does not work in trading at all. Trading is not gambling; following your emotions may work a few times, but soon it will cause

you a big fail. Try to find a knowledge-based and suitable trading plan to keep trading and make a profit.

Changing your strategy frequently

When a trading strategy stops working for you, you require to get a new one. But, how to recognize sub-par strategies? Keep on trading. Some people assume that you should keep trading using the same strategy when it stops working. In other words, it is quite reasonable that if a strategy fails five times repeatedly. But the fact is that any trading strategy, even the permanent ones, will sooner and later stop working, and you need to find another strategy to use. 

Trading correlative assets

Some traders think that buying and selling different assets rather than one asset is a decent idea and strategy. They believe that since they have traded a variety of assets, decreasing the risk is triggered, and they will be able to cover their losses on one asset by the others. It is not a bad idea, but we should note that although they think they are different, some assets are correlated. And most of the time, they act like each other in price movement. For example, EUR/USD and USD/JPY will perform in the same manner when USD grows in price, and EUR and JPY stay at the same level. Try to be looking for truly separated and irrelevant assets for trading to decrease your risk and cover your possible loss.

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